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thank you Marcus Ranum for permission,

thank you Samima Orginalbild for permission.

Thank you JHanna for Background , misted tube Corinne.vicaire

Mask Sigrid

This tutorial was written with PSP 9

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Seite drucken

thank you all my tester from my Tutorials


My Material

Xero Improver

Xero – Fuzzifier

Xero Bad Dream XL

Graphics Plus Cross Shadow

Flaming Pear Flood

Nik Color Efex Pro - Stylizer

Mehdi Kaleidoscope 2.1

Masks into mask folder to psp


You may take this little figure

along for your orientation


A word to all of you

All the discription for my Tutorials are "How I create my Image"

For your Tubes and Colors you maybe change the settings -

If you use my Elements - you have to colorize

I do not write this anymore at the Tutorial

Lets start


Step : 1

New Canvas 800 x 650 px transparent

light FG color #d39c55

darker BG Color #65450f

Fill Canvas with BG color

Plugin Graphics Plus Cross Shadow ( Default 128/128)

Plugin Flaming Pear Flood


Step : 2

New Raster Layer - set this Gradient


Fill Layer with the Gradient - Load Mask from Disk

Merge Group

Plugin Nik color Stylizer

Repeat Graphics Plus Cross Shadow

Drop Shadow 3/3/60/6,00 Black

Duplicate the Masklayer


Step : 3

copy your BG Tube - mine Mist corinne.vicaire-paysage09

paste as new Layer - Arrrange - Send Layer down

Adjust - Plugin - Xero Bad Dream XL (Default)

Copy now your Tube for the middle - paste as new Layer

I used a Image of Samima (Permission)

I adjust the Mask out of the material

Merge - merge group

I duplicate the Tube - Blend Mode - Soft Light

Adjust to both Tubes Plugin Xero Improver 10/10/10

Activate the Erasertool - medium Values

Activ the Layer with the Misted BG - erase the parts at the Face of the Tube and the Hairs


Step : 4

Layer 1 is activ - Selection - All - Image - Crop to Selection

Image - Canvassize

New Raster Layer - Arrange - send Layer down - fill with Bg color

Repeat Cross Shadow

New Raster Layer - Selection - All - copy "JHanna_75 bground

paste into a Selection

Blend Mode - Multiply

Effects - Artisticeffect - Emaille (FG Color)


Step : 5

Selection -Modify - contract to 8 px - Selection - Invert

New Layer - Arrange to the top

Fill with BG color - Repeat Cross Shadow

Effects 3 D Effects -Inner Bevel (BG color)

Selection -None - Drop Shadow 0/0/85/12,00 Black


Step :6

copy "element1c.psd - paste as new Layer

Arrange - Send Layer down

Plugin Mehdi Kaleidoscope 2.1

Plugin Xero Fuzzifier

Paste your Text - Copyrightmention - Watermark

as new Layer

Merge all Layer - save as JPG


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Sincerely Christa