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thank you Devilsinside and Corinne.Vicaire for the Tubes

Tube © Lea

© All copyrights belongs to the original artists

I'm just the designer

This tutorial was written with PSP 9

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thank you all my tester from my Tutorials


My Material

Xero Improver

Simple - Blintz

Graphics Plus Cross Shadow

Unlimited 2.0 – Pattern Generators - Guidelines : Here


You may take this little figure

along for your orientation


A word to all of you

All the discription for my Tutorials are "How I create my Image"

For your Tubes and Colors you maybe change the settings -

If you use my Elements - you have to colorize

I do not write this anymore at the Tutorial

Lets start


Step: 1

New Canvas 900 x 700 px transparent

light FG Color #85bd52

dark BG Color #113f00

fill Canvas with BG Color

Selection All - Selection - Contract 25 px

Edit - Copy - paste as new Layer

Selection stays


Step: 2

Copy the Tube Mist corinne.vivaire-p_.psd

paste as new Layer - arrange to the left into the Selection

Selection - Invert - Delete - Selection - None

Layer duplicate - Image - Mirror - Arrange - Send Layer down

Both Layer - Blend Mode - Hard Light

Your Image has to look like this

Look to my Arrows at the Screen

Activate the Erasertool with this Values

Erase this part

Your Image has to look like this

If you like your Image - merge down the top Layer

Selection - All - Contract 25 px

Plugin Simple Blintz

Plugin Xero Improver


Step: 3

Selection - Invert - Layer 1 is activ

Plugin Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow ( Default 128/128)

Edit - Copy - paste as new Layer -

Edit - Paste into a Selection -

Plugin Unlimited 2.0 - Pattern Generators - Guidelines

Effects - 3 D Effects - Inner Bevel FG Color

Selection - Invert - New Layer - Arrange - Send Layer down

Effects - 3 D Effects - Cutout

Selection - None


Step: 4

Copy your Tubes and paste as new Layer

My right Tube f0145CLea.psd - Blend Mode - Hard Light

Adjust this Drop Shadow 0/0/35/10,00 Black

Left Tube - Devilsinside_Exclusiv_102_2009.psd

Blend Mode - Hard Light - Opacity - 62 %

Adjust to both Tubes Xero Improver


Step: 5

Paste your Text as new Layer

My Font

Paste your Watermark as new Layer

Merge all and save as JPG


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Sincerely Christa