Scrap Sweet

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This tutorial was written and designed by me © Christa

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This tutorial may neither be copied, nor offered for download at any other site

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My thanks for the lovely material, for without it these pictures would not be possible

thank you Chaosgaby for the Tubes

Tag Template by Daira

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I'm just the designer

This tutorial was written with PSP 9

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Seite drucken

thank you all my tester from my Tutorials


Mein Material

Xero Improver

Xero –Fritillary

Xero Bad Dream XL

Alien Skin_Eye Candy 5 Impact_Glass

Copy Preset chg_2011_2.f1s- into Plugins AlienSkin_ Eye Candy5_Settings_Glas


You may take this little figure

along for your orientation



A word to all of you

All the discription for my Tutorials are "How I create my Image"

For your Tubes and Colors you maybe change the settings -

If you use my Elements - you have to colorize

I do not write this anymore at the Tutorial

Lets start



Step : 1

Opan all your Material at PSP - Minimieze - select a nice Tube

Sarch 2 Colors out of your Tube

My FG Color #90081c

BG Color #f29495

New Canvas 760 x 700 px transparent

Open glasmosaic_cg.psd - Copy - paste as new Layer

Open the Template LMC_Tag Template - By Daira

Step : 2

Copy the Layer Ellipse - paste as new Layer

Copy the Layer Square - paste as new Layer

Copy the Layer Left Black Flower - paste as new Layer

Arrange to the left and to the bottom

Copy the Layer - Left Circle - paste as new Layer

Arrange on top of Black Flower

Rename this Layer into the Originalname as the Template

For a better Orientation

Your Image has to look like this

Step : 3

We work now to the each Layer

Layer square - Magic Wand - Tolerance + Feather 0

Select - Selection - Modify - expaned to 5 px

Fill Layer with FG Color

New Raster Layer - Open your Tube - I mirrored mine

copy - paste into a selection -

Plugin Xero Improver 10/10/10

Layer - merge down - Selection - None

Layer duplicate - Originallayer square

Image - Roation - Free Rotation

Adjust to both Layer this Drop Shadow

0/0/65/8,00 Black

Step : 4

Layer ellipse is activ - Magic Wand - select

Fill Layer with this Gradient - BG Color to Black

Selection - Modify - Select a Selectionborder

New Raster Layer - BG Color change to your light color äf29495

Gardint - invert not chequed

Fill the Selection - Effects - 3 D Effects - Inner Bevel

Plugin Xero Bad Dream XL

Selection - None - Repeat the Drop Shadow

Rename into "border_ellipse.

Step: 5

Layer left black flower is activ - Magic Wand click next to the Element

Selection - Invert - Fill with FG color

Click at the Layerange to the Belt -

Effects - 3 D Effects - Cutout

Layer - click to the Belt again - close

Adjust - Noise

Selection - None - Layer duplicate - Image - resize to 90 %

all Layers not chequed - Image - Rotation - Free rotation -

to the left to 5,00

Arrange like this - See Image

Step: 6

Layer left circle is activ -

Magic Wand - select next to the Element

Selection - Invert - fill with the second Gradient -

Invert is chequed

Open your Tube - undo mirror - Copy

No new Layer - paste into a Selection -

Layer - click to the Blet - repeat the Cutout

Close the Belt

New Raster Layer - load Plugin Eye Candy 5 Impact Glass

Preset chg_2011_2

Selection - None - Adjust to both 2 Layer of left black flower

the Drop Shadow

Step: 7

Open the Tube "lisaminor_wa_2sweet.psd - copy

paste as new Layer inf irst place - Arrange tot he right


Layer - Duplicate - Oeriginallayer is activ

Effects - Textureeffekts - Mosaic Glass

Suplicated Layer is activ - repeat the Drop Shadow

Open and copy - "eleent1_cg.psd - paste as new Layer

Arrange to the left and to the top - Duplicate - Image - Mirror - Image - Flip

Merge - merge down - Adjust the Drop Shadow

Open "element_hg_cg.psd - Copy - paste as new Layer

Arrange - send Layer to the bottom

Arrange Layer 1 to the top

paste your Watermark

Layer ellipse is activ

Plugin Xero Fritiallary


Layer - Merge visible - save as PNG File




I hope you enjoyed the tutorial


Sincerely Christa